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Let’s talk about e-commerce


Let’s talk about e-commerce

Stefan Carrington is the founder of the UK's only eCommerce & digital marketing agency for after-sales. He focuses on growth and efficiency.

He is preparing a workshop and a keynote for SEMPL where he will reveal the framework which has and still is delivering revenue growth year after year for Electrolux on many European markets.


The Secret to Growth in Digital Marketing 

How can you deliver growth for eCommerce or any type of website, every year?

By implementing intelligent systems that can identify, explain and replicate growth success and initiatives. In this session, Stefan will reveal the framework which has and is still delivering revenue growth year after year for our clients.


Sustainable Growth for European eCommerce

In this session, we will deep dive into the proven growth systems Stefan implemented to get Electrolux’ European online shops to grow year after year. These are not just a few growth hacks but they provide a complete framework which you can use to manage your digital marketing, analytics, CRO and UX improvements.

Miranda Mladin

Miranda Mladin

Executive Director for Central Marketing and Innovation, Atlantic Grupa

In a time of rapid and unpredictable change, we must stay informed if we want to do our jobs well. On the other hand, it is precisely this dynamic that causes lack of time. Herein lies the value of the SEMPL conference. In one place, we can listen to a considerable number of quality speakers, experts in their fields, and stay in touch with trends in regional and global environment.