Entries for the Sempler Awards Competition are now open

Before you take and enjoy your well-deserved vacation, check out which outstanding media campaigns and strategies you've come up with this year. Show them to the professional public and submit them to the competition for the Sempler Awards - maybe the torpedo, the proof that you hit your targets, will land in your hands.

Entries are now open, and you can submit them in as many as 11 categories. Check the categories here.

You can submit your entry in an individual category for EUR 330 (+ VAT). Take advantage of the 4+1 promotion - if you enter 5 projects at the same time, you get 1 for free.

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A great media strategy in the eyes of the Sempler Awars Jury is...

Innovation, creativity and measurable results

“An excellent media strategy is one that combines innovation, creativity and measurable results, while acting ethically and (can) contribute to positive changes in society. Such a campaign must effectively appeal to the target audience, use appropriate channels and tactics, and achieve the set goals.”
Gregor Draksler, Marketing and Advertising Director and Emil Frey Group Marketing Manager; P Automobil Import, Slovenia

A wide selection of media for the selected target group

“Given that our media company offers a wide reach and premium content, an excellent strategy for me is holistic; one that covers a wide range of media and reaches a selected target group. The added value that makes a significant difference is that these campaigns leave a mark both on the individual and on society; that do not leave you indifferent, they move you, remind you of your values, and, as a result, contribute to a better campaign result.”
Aleš Muhič, Sales Director, Pro Plus, Slovenia

A unique combination of innovation, creativity and efficiency

“Achieving excellence is not easy, as it is necessary to combine innovation, creativity and efficiency in a unique way, and to achieve good results with very good execution. These are the things that convince me in campaigns that leave a mark.”
Viktorija Radojević Mavrič, Marketing Director, Mercator

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