The Grand Sempler goes to »Living in Bingo« from Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the Sempler Awards Competition for the best media strategies in the Adriatic region, eleven Golden Semplers and a Grand Sempler were awarded. The awards went to three countries of the Adriatic region; Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The Grand Sempler goes to “Living in Bingo” project, created by Via Media for Bingo, the largest retail chain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The organisers of SEMPL honoured Ana Predovič, Project Manager at the Slovenian Advertising Chamber, with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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A winning project that needed no discussion
According to the Sempler Awards Jury President Božidar Abramović, CEO of Omnicom Media Group, Croatia, there were many great campaigns submitted, and in certain competition categories it was difficult for the jury to decide, which projects really deserve an award. Among the categories with the most outstanding projects, he highlights the strategic use of the media mix and the innovative use of new media. “The winning media strategy competed in several categories and is truly outstanding. All the members of the jury soon recognized it as unique, and we didn’t even have to discuss it,” Abramović said about the “Living in Bingo” project, which was awarded with a Grand Sempler.

How to reposition a retailer with the strategic use of the media mix?
As explained by the creators of the “Living in Bingo” campaign, their objective was to reposition Bingo and make it recognizable as a place where you have everything you could possibly need for living, and to show Bingo as a fun and exciting shopping experience for the whole family. They also wanted to change digital sentiment from mostly complaining into fun and optimistic. They based their media strategy on digitally sharing real event experience from Bingo. Offline to online, it exploded with thousands of people coming to the store and millions tuning in online daily. Original digital content was produced for all the channels, every hour until 20.00.

The winners of the Golden Semplers are…
Agency Via Media from Bosnia and Herzegovina received three more golden awards for the project “Living in Bingo” in addition to the Grand Sempler, namely in the categories of strategic use of the media mix, best PR strategy or promotion and best use of influencer marketing. Another Golden Sempler went to Bosnia and Herzegovina, namely in the category of best use of data, where the jury was most impressed by the “Crazy About Lotto” project, created by MITA Group for the Lottery of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Croatia celebrated in the category of innovative use of media/media format or communication channel, where the Golden Sempler was awarded to the “Beestro” project, which was created for the Franck company by Imago Ogilvy in cooperation with 404 and PHD.

The remaining six golden Sempler were awarded to Slovenian projects. In the category of best targeted campaign, the project “First Time Mum” was awarded. It was created by the advertising agency Herman in partnerji and the media agency Studio Nexus for the retail chain Mercator. The golden award in the category of the best experiential campaign was awarded to the agencies Herman in partnerji, and Media Publikum, which created the “Barcaffe Donna” project for Atlantic Droga Kolinska.

In the category best use of the digital world, the jury selected the project #playforskateistan, which was created for the non-profit organization Skateistan by Futura DDB in cooperation with DDB Germany. The Slovenian Tourist Organization’s “Twitter Amplify” – Tour de France campaign, created by Pristop Media, Renderspace, and D’Agency, received the Golden Sempler in the category best social media campaign.

The “Laško Jump’o’meter” project won the Golden Sempler in best use of mobile category. It was created by Luna \TBWA and Media Publikum for Laško Union Brewery. The winner in best technology approach category is “Argeta Junior’s Storyteller”, the project by Luna \TBWA, Promedia Group, Media Publikum and Escapebox for the client Atlantic Grupa.

The Lifetime Achievement Award for Ana Predovič
At the Sempler Awards ceremony, the SEMPL organisers presented another special award, the Lifetime Achievement Award. This was received by Ana Predovič, who has been a pillar of the Slovenian Advertising Chamber for many years and has also led it for some time. As they explained, Ana Predovič influenced advertising industry with incredible dedication and passion and helped everyone who was involved in advertising in Slovenia; she was active in education, promotion, professional development and self-regulation of Slovenian advertising. Her path was marked by many achievements, challenges and persistence. “In the advertising business turmoil, she has maintained a human intimacy and personal integrity for which we all sincerely respect her,” as further explained.


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