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Tamma Žbontar

Media Director, Pristop Media, Slovenia

Tamma Žbontar

About Tamma

Tamma Žbontar has a bachelor's degree in Italian studies and Sociology of Culture with over 20 years of experience in project management in advertising. She has exceptional breadth as she combines years of expertise in strategic media planning and buying with integrated communications, which is rare in advertising. She started her career in an advertising agency and switched to media in 2007. Today she specializes in strategic media planning, media buying, and integrated communications in telecommunications, the automotive industry, and tourism. She successfully integrates creative use of media and digital channels in her media strategies. She is exceptional at connecting other departments, creative agencies, and partners involved in the project. Her projects have won several international awards, among others Golden Drum and Effie, as well as, domestic awards from Sempl and SOF.

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