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Sanja Garaj Miloš

Head of Corporate Marketing, Podravka, Croatia

Sanja Garaj Miloš

About Sanja

As a Marketing graduate from the University of Zagreb, Sanja has practised Marketing in Podravka in several food and beverage categories (Podravka soups, Vegeta seasoning, Water and soft drinks, Dolcela sweets and Kviki snack) in various positions moving up from Product Manager to Director of business program where she was more active in the sales segment including both Retail and wholesale channels. After gathering new experiences, she focused back on Marketing which is her first expertise - being responsible for several segments of Podravka business. At the moment she is working as the Head of Corporate Marketing in Podravka, responsible for all marketing processes and investment for Podravka worldwide and is also a member of ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) membership in Marketing Council and Algebra University Economic Council.

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