Aleš Muhič

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Aleš Muhič

Sales Director, PRO PLUS, Slovenia

Aleš Muhič is one of the most experienced experts in media, advertising, media strategy and trends. The media have been with him through his entire professional career, which he started more than 25 years ago. As a member of the management team and as Sales Director of PRO PLUS, the largest media house, he sets high standards in media marketing approaches, both at a local and international level, through innovative, strategic planning. As a member of the EGTA board – the European Group of Television Advertising, he has been actively involved in co-creating contemporary trends in the field of television and digital communication, and shares his knowledge and experience on various committees within the CME parent group. He quickly adapts to changes and uses innovations to skilfully integrate the world of TV and digital. Pro Plus marketing solutions are both effective and creative, and most of all, they are trendsetting in the TV advertising market, thanks to the work of its team.

He understands very clearly that the success of Pro Plus is surely also the success of those who want to advertise in an effective way. This is why he and his team of marketing experts help to co-create and connect the advertising-agency world successfully with media through numerous innovative projects, which is reflected in the numerous national and international awards they have received.

In the year 2019 he was named Media Manager of the Year and in 2022 he was also honoured with the Advertising Personality of the Year award.