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Uroš Svenšek

Head of Digital at Agencija 101, Slovenia

Uroš Svenšek

About Uroš

Uroš Svenšek is the Head of Digital at Agencija 101. He specialises in strategic consulting and in the creation of digital communication strategies for major Slovenian and regional clients. In the last year, he has led several AI projects, including the award-winning GastarbAIter and M.AI.A. (Merkur’s AI assistant), and has also spoken about AI on the Preverjeno show, and at the SKOJ, DMS, AI-spiracija, and other marketing events.

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Dvorana Europa, 20.10.2023 at 14:35-14:55

How will AI change media and marketing over the next five years?

Research shows that the strongest emotion people feel when they first interact with tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney is not excitement, but fear. Fear of what this means for our jobs, for the trustworthiness of our content, for our safety, and for the world as we know it. This is fear of the unknown and the unpredictable, which is why in this lecture we will bring out the crystal ball and predict three different scenarios of how AI technology will most likely change the media and marketing industries in the next five years. The wave of artificial intelligence that has engulfed us over the last year is affectionately known as generative AI, and it is crystal clear that this wave has shaken the two industries that specialise in the generation of information, entertainment, and sales content most of all.

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