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Tilen Lamut

Public Relations Advisor and Sports Commentator, Slovenia

Tilen Lamut

About Tilen

Tilen is a popular commentator and presenter on the Slovenian Arena Sport sports network, where viewers can hear him in NBA and ABA game broadcasts, but he also has experience in commentating on EuroLeague, EuroBasket and other major basketball competitions. For the last eight years he has been working in public relations at Propiar, where he specialises in sports and crisis communication, which together with sports commentary gives him a unique insight into sport as part of the media and business environment. In his agency work, he advises Slovenian and foreign clients in the fields of sport, business and public speaking, for which he has received two Prizma awards for communication excellence.

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Dvorana Europa, 20.10.2023 at 09:15-09:35

Live TV Superstars – Sports Broadcasts

The early morning alarms to watch Luka Dončič in the NBA are coming back soon, the weekend afternoons spent in front of the screens watching the best football leagues in the world are already here, and the competition for advertisers’ few seconds during sports broadcasts is bigger every year. Given that Slovenia is currently blessed with a remarkable amount of sports talent, sports television needs to keep up with the pace of sport and, consequently, the appetites of viewers. This is because sports broadcasts are what keeps live TV viewing alive among the population. Sports TV today offers more content and variety than ever before, but this also means more competition for them. In this lecture you will learn how Arena Sport TV entered and established itself on the Slovenian market. We will look at who sports broadcasts viewers are and how do broadcasters make them in front of the screen for longer. What content is the most popular, how is investment in sport reflected in broadcasts, what competition do streaming content providers face and how is the development of sport and sport broadcasts perceived by its consumers – the viewers?

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