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Sabina Bevc

SEO and Content Marketing Manager at Red Orbit, Slovenia

Sabina Bevc

About Sabina

Sabina is responsible for SEO and content marketing at Red Orbit. She is currently focusing on creating the best combinations of content strategy and website optimization to achieve the desired results for clients with a challenge to find additional opportunities for success. She has a Bachelor degree in Social Informatics, and has accumulated her knowledge and experience at Nielsen, GoOpti and publishing house Finance. With a strong background in media and marketing research, she has gained additional insight into the mindset of the user, which is crucial in formulating an effective content strategy.

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Dvorana Emerald, 28.11.2019 at 15:00-15:30

The love affair of Content Marketing and SEO

Hundreds of thousands of new content pieces, PR publications, descriptions and backlinks from different websites, media outlets, blogs and other sources are published every year. Dedicated marketing budgets are invested into content strategy, creation, promotion and outreach. And the majority of these activities is missing one crucial component – SEO. In this quick deep dive Sabina will discuss the last mile, that is missing from most content pieces out there that fail to take into account best SEO practices, that would help both media outlets and publications as well as their clients who spend marketing budgets on PR to improve visibility of the content and it’s positive impact on organic rankings of everyone involved. Journalists, copywriters, media managers, editors, PR departments, marketing and communication managers will learn how they can: - write content that will be loved by Google and other search engines - write content and structure links that will have the most benefit for clients who order it - integrate SEO into the content planning and creation proces.

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