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Katja Vidovič

Brand and Communication Team Manager, A1 Slovenija, Slovenia

Katja Vidovič

About Katja

Katja Vidovič is Head and Communications Management and Head of Media and Communication Channels at A1 Slovenija. She has been working in the marketing industry for more than 20 years. She started as a student at the Tovarna Vizij agency, and has spent a decade strengthening her media knowledge among local and international clients at internationally renowned and award-winning media agencies. Exactly a decade ago, she started her career in the marketing communications team of today’s A1 Slovenija, where, as an expert in the media field, she introduced many innovative approaches and practices that are still the basis for the company’s effective marketing presence on the market today. In her recent years, she has also been polishing in the role of brand management and curation under the auspices of A1 Slovenija. Here, too, she has been developing and introducing new work methods based on media logic, not so much on the classical “advertising” logic. She is thereby implementing an editorial approach of working into the world of branding, the aim of which is a unified, cohesive and holistic performance. She says that her motto in life is: "Always deliver more than what is expected of you."

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