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Jure Tepina

Moderator, Slovenia

Jure Tepina

About Jure

Jure Tepina is a journalist with 27 years of reporting experience. He has worked in both national and private media, and as an editor-in-chief in the most read website in Slovenia,, he leads the team which has almost doubled the portal's readership in five years. He continues to report from war and crisis zones and terrorist attacks for both the web and television and is always looking for new interactive ways to tell stories.

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Dvorana Europa, 20.10.2023 at 10:05-10:50

A1 BIG TALK with Blaž Ferenc

Don't miss the talk with Blaž Ferenc, Corporate Communications and Sustainability Director at A1 Slovenija and A1 Srbija, who has a wealth of experience in managing communication teams, communications consulting and strategic communications across numerous fields. He believes that sustainable business operations are the business of the future, and is dedicated to utilizing communications for improving how organizations operate. Jure Tepina, editor-in-chief of, will talk to him about the challenges of communicators in the rapidly changing media and communication landscape, as well as about new technologies and the differences between the Slovenian and Serbian market.

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