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Janja Božič Marolt

Founder and director of Institute for Market and Media Research, Mediana, Slovenia

Janja Božič Marolt

About Janja

Janja is the first woman and the youngest recipient of the prestigious Advertising Personality Award in 2001 and a pioneer of the most important media research in Slovenia. She is the founder and director of Mediana, Institute for Market and Media Research in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia. She is often ahead of her time with new methods. She is also unofficially known as the pioneer of media planning, who took advantage of the lack of transparency in media markets to develop Mediana.

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Dvorana Europa, 19.10.2023 at 15:55-16:15

The Protruding Debris from the Global Media Flood

So far, exploiting the incredible potential of the media to improve the state of mind of modern society has mainly been done by people. In cooperation with AI, are we looking at a society of optimism, pessimism or possibly even collapse? With smartphones in your hands and quick fingers, all participants will be directly involved in the dynamics and unfolding of a sparkling conversation with Janja. Together, you will explore whether and to what degree there is a difference between reality and the perception of the situation in society and the media. Recommended for everyone, including Narcissists.

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