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Jana Štokovič

TV Sales Manager at PRO PLUS, Slovenia

Jana Štokovič

About Jana

For twenty years, Jana has been skillfully managing the television world at PRO PLUS. She started her career on Kanal A and continued on POP TV. With years of experience in TV advertising, sales and development, she has always maintained a balance between the demands of viewers and the wishes of advertisers. She believes in the power of content and the importance of ads and is aware that in an ever-changing TV environment, it is important to respond quickly and find creative advertising solutions. Therefore, educating and monitoring global trends are not strange to her.

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Dvorana Emerald, 28.11.2019 at 10:00-10:25

Get behind the Scenes of Tango, GRP and CTR

It takes two to tango. Strong chemistry among dancers ensures success on every stage. Jana and Tina will take you to the backstage of the most watched and read content in Slovenia using the case study of Dancing with the Stars. They will answer the questions how PRO PLUS contributes to the industry progress by introducing global trends to the Slovenian market. How does it meet user expectations? Why can it compete with large global players, having only local content and editorial boards? Why is a safe environment for advertisers of its primary importance? How does the company manage to increase its reach on target audiences? What role do media research play in this? At this wokrshop you will find out who the dancers are and which stages they dance on.

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