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Iva Đurković

Luna\TBWA and OMD’s Managing Director, Serbia

Iva Đurković

About Iva

Very privileged to work with the team of people who try to do things differently. Believes that communications are an integral part of business as such and not necessarily an isolated discipline. Proud to be able to cooperate with clients such as A1, McDonald’s, PepsiCo, Molson Coors and many others. Iva has been working in media and communications industry for 20 years. She was Director of Programmes at B92, RTL and Emotion Production. She is responsible for numerous hours of top rated scripted and reality TV programmes aired throughout the region. Graduated in Film, TV and media studies from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

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Dvorana Europa, 19.10.2023 at 14:40-15:25

Discussion – How to communicate in 2024?

We have all experienced the magic that happens in the triangle of advertiser, media, customer. With the flood of goods nowadays it is a miracle that the right product or service finds its way to the person who needs it. But what exactly is it that gives that fatal spark and creates the chemistry to make “love at first sight” and purchase happen; moreover: what must happen to make a product or service a “must have” and even to become the definition of whether you are “in” or “out”. At this discussion you will figure out that the key lies in finding the right way to communicate, where the old paradigms of advertising no longer apply and the main factor is dynamic communication, opening up space for dialogue, inclusion and equality between buyer and seller. It doesn’t matter whether behind this communication it is an artificial intelligence, a bot or a ChatGPT, a creative human in the form of a real flesh and blood, or the machinery of an advertising agency. What matters is the impact. Sales. Image. And as one of the greatest creatives of the Slovenian advertising industry said, “the effect is undeniably the greatest if the seller replaces the word “our” with “your” and if the battle is fought for souls and not for money”. Find out what this means at SEMPL 2023 in Portorož from the best of the masters of the communications.

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