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Gosia Nierodzinska

Creative Strategist for Facebook and Instagram, Facebook, Poland

Gosia Nierodzinska

About Gosia

Gosia Nierodzinska, lives and works in Warsaw. Graduate of Central Saint Martins College in London, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Gender Studies at Polish Science Academy and Creative Coding at SWPS. She’s interested in technology as means for building meaningful communities and bringing people together. She’s a laureate of many prizes such as European Design Awards, Cannes Lions, Eurobest, KTR, Effie. She works as a Creative Strategist for Facebook and Instagram.

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Dvorana Europa, 28.11.2019 at 12:25-12:45

Speed of Feed: How to Win Attention

We live in the Attention Economy, where brands need to communicate faster, ideally within seconds. This doesn’t mean they should resign from being culturally relevant and ideas driven. During her presentation Gosia will show how big and small brands can win attention on social media without losing their tone of voice and sense of purpose. She will try to prove that communication on Instagram and Facebook can be creative, fun, relevant and effective.

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