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Damjan Planinc

Director and Partner, Get Interactive, Slovenia

Damjan Planinc

About Damjan

Damjan Planinc has been working in digital advertising for more than 15 years, and has been leading the digital media agency Get Interactive for the past nine years, which was, until recently, under the auspices of a major Austrian media company. He believes in less intrusive and effective digital advertising. On this basis, he is developing Get Interactive into the leading Slovenian provider of native advertising. In addition to Slovenia, he has a deep knowledge of online environment in Central and South-Eastern Europe, where he has already helped many Slovenian and international brands to achieve their marketing and advertising goals.

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Dvorana Emerald, 29.11.2019 at 12:15-12:35

What do we expect from the diggital ad of the future?

The fact is that we all know about existing technologies, tools and possibilities of persuading users on the web, and very rarely do we take full advantage of them because we do not think about them in the initial, creative phase. This is why we often see properly targeted ads, which are annoying for the users and don't deliver the results for the brands. We all know what happens next: adblockers and / or negative brand perception. So what does the ad that attracts and impresses a web user look like? A survey conducted by Mediana for Get Interactive will reveal the key components of a modern digital ad that will draw advertisers and users closer together rather than apart? Damjan will explain how digital messages can be better personalized, experiential and contextual; all in a user-friendly way. And why it is necessary to think about all this already in the creative phase!

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