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Charlotte Hager

Founder and Owner, Comrecon Brand Navigation Institute, Austria

Charlotte Hager

About Charlotte

Charlotte Hager is founder and owner of the comrecon Brand Navigation Institute in Baden near Vienna. Beside the quantitative and qualitative methods of market and motive research, she and her institute focus on new methods. Creative and innovative tools are combined with traditional methods. Just like LEGO® Serious Play® linked to focus groups or Online Forums. The goal is to deliver consumer insights for better marketing strategies and consumer experiences.

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Dvorana Europa, 29.11.2019 at 09:00-09:20

Planet Audio 2025 – Audio use of the Future

A qualitative study by the comrecon brand navigation Institute shows the audio usage in 2025 with amazing insight from the user's point of view. The study draws the findings in the form of a map of the audio usage, explaining how people emotionally relate to audio sources and subsequently use them. Charlotte will present us to a map and reveal how audio will affect our lives and our work in the future.

Dvorana Emerald, 29.11.2019 at 11:45-12:15

AI Impact: 7 tips for enjoyable drive time

According the projections at the end of 2020 - nine of ten new cars will be connected to the Internet. This implicates disruptive change of our driving habits and expectations of our car. With the mass use of autonomous vehicles there is open space for different UX driven by artificial intelligence. How the car stopped being a Faraday cage for commercials, what are we doing in the car while we drive, stand in a traffic line or wait at the red light, can we turn the drive time into a creative part of the day and why the sound creates indelible images? Find out the answers at this session with three blondes and the Brit.

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