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The Sempler Awards jury is known


The Sempler Awards jury is known

This year, the nine-member international jury for Semplers, and Eva Aljančič, Executive Director of HoT mobil and Ventocom.SI, will be the front-runner of the awards for the best media strategies in the region.

Applications are already open and will close on 11 November 11 2019. The recipients of the awards will be announced at the SEMPL conference, which will take place on 28-29 November 2019 in Portorož.


Recognized marketing and communication experts in the jury

The jury is composed of nine diverse and distinguished experts from four countries and will be chaired by Eva Aljančič, Executive Director of HoT mobil and Ventocom.SI. She will be accompanied by Valentin Bufolin, Head of Marketing at Lidl Slovenia, Jelena Čadjenović,  Director of Brand and Corporate Image at Vip mobile, Belma Hadžiomerović, Director of Marketing, Corporate Communication, and Sustainable Management at Raiffeisen Bank, Iva Kaligarić, Super Executive CEO at Señor, Mario Lovrić, Executive Director of UM Zagreb and UM Ljubljana, Lea Stanković, Executive Director at Communis DDB, Ivan Tušek, Head of Content and Creative Strategies at Degordian, and Dino Zupančič, Director and Partner at Agency 101.


President of the jury, Eva Aljančič, assured us that the best media strategy in 2019 in the region will have to contain surpluses in all elements that are part of the media strategy, and therefore have a good understanding of the problem or the challenge it solves, have a good strategy, creative idea, and confirm all together with the results. “We will search for emotions and reason. Goose bumps and Excel. Yin and Yang. As you wish. But both,”Aljančič added.


The Sempler Awards for the seventeenth time

The Sempler Award competition for the best media strategies in the Adriatic region has been taking place for the seventeenth year in the context of the SEMPL conference, which unveils the latest trends and innovations in marketing and media. Applicants can apply their works to thirteen different categories, and the best of all will be awarded with a Grand Sempler by the jury. Two special TOP Sempl awards will also be awarded in Portorož, one for the Media Manager of the Year, selected by the organizer with the help of prominent businessmen, and the second for the media star of the future.



Applications of works can be handed in via the SEMPL Conference website, and applicants are invited to compete with all high-profile and successful projects that can be submitted in several different categories. Application deadline is 11 November 2019.

Tine Lugarič

Tine Lugarič

Co-Founder & Creative Director, Trampolin

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