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Valerija Prevolšek

Pristop Media Managing Director & Junior Partner, Pristop Group, Slovenia

Valerija Prevolšek

About Valerija

Valerija has been leading the biggest media buying companies for more than a decade. Before taking over the management of Pristop Media, she was the Managing Director of Media Pool, and during her professional career she has been responsible for planning and developing media strategies for the most prominent domestic and international companies. She is strongly committed to monitoring the effects of advertising at all touchpoints, and optimising media tactics in order to accomplish the best results for the client. She places great importance on professional competence and long-term efficiency. Chair of the international SEMPL Media Trends Conference - which has grown under her auspices into one of the region’s most recognised and highest quality events - for 10 years, Valerija also has an excellent knowledge and understanding of the related areas of the marketing and communications mix.

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