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Maja Tratnik

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Warming up

Gregor Murn

Daytime programme host



Kickstarter & Board Games: Is Kickstarter still a start up platform or has it become a pre-order store?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform, well known to everybody, and its main purpose is to help fund start up products. Or is it? There is one industry in particular that found its match made in heaven with the help of Kickstarter and changed the way we now perceive Kickstarter. »Board game reneissance« is a term that is occuring lately in the table top industry and one of the main reason fort his massive popularization is Kickstarter itself. Imagine a realm where giants coexist with newcomers. Multimillion-dollar corporations now share the stage with indie creators, all thanks to Kickstarter's transformative power. The tabletop industry has undergone a seismic shift, transcending mere games into a cultural renaissance and the vast majority of games that are produced nowadays must first go through Kickstarter before they hit the shelves of retail stores. Explore the culture of Kickstarter and Table Top industry together with 3 representatives of Slovenia's Table Top companies which found their success via Kickstarter.

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Live TV Superstars – Sports Broadcasts

Tilen Lamut

Public Relations Advisor and Sports Commentator

The early morning alarms to watch Luka Dončič in the NBA are coming back soon, the weekend afternoons spent in front of the screens watching the best football leagues in the world are already here, and the competition for advertisers’ few seconds during sports broadcasts is bigger every year. Given that Slovenia is currently blessed with a remarkable amount of sports talent, sports television needs to keep up with the pace of sport and, consequently, the appetites of viewers. This is because sports broadcasts are what keeps live TV viewing alive among the population. Sports TV today offers more content and variety than ever before, but this also means more competition for them. In this lecture you will learn how Arena Sport TV entered and established itself on the Slovenian market. We will look at who sports broadcasts viewers are and how do broadcasters make them in front of the screen for longer. What content is the most popular, how is investment in sport reflected in broadcasts, what competition do streaming content providers face and how is the development of sport and sport broadcasts perceived by its consumers – the viewers?

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How GenZ will shape Ecommerce

Katia Nazarova

TikTok Business Partnerships Lead Baltics & Balkans

Sebastian Szmigielski

TikTok Export Ecomm Lead Balkans & Poland

GenZ right now represents 25% of the population and within the next 5 years it will be 27% of the workforce. How it will impact Ecommerce and what businesses should do now. GenZ is not just the future; they're here and now. They're the generation that's rewriting the rules of Ecommerce, and we're going to unpack exactly how they're doing it.

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The Overlooked Paradoxes of Customer Experience (CX) and its Orchestration by AI

Aleksandra Brank

Customer Experience and Strategic Marketing Consultant, CX Institute/Abena d.o.o.

Customer experience journey mapping, combined with artificial intelligence (AI), is revolutionising the way companies approach customer experience. Using AI, businesses can identify complex patterns, pain points and opportunities for improvement. With this technology, businesses can deliver highly personalised interactions, optimise processes and actively address customer needs, helping to strengthen customer relationships and loyalty. The incorporation of the overlooked (and sometimes forgotten) paradoxes of customer experience (CX) in customer experience journey mapping and artificial intelligence thus synergistically creates a powerful combination for optimising exceptional CX.

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Performance Marketing and Creativity on TikTok – how to make effective ads on TikTok

Katia Nazarova

TikTok Business Partnerships Lead Baltics & Balkans

Sebastian Szmigielski

TikTok Export Ecomm Lead Balkans & Poland

Unlock the secrets behind crafting TikTok ads that deliver tangible results at our workshop, "Performance Marketing and Creativity on TikTok." This immersive event is your ticket to mastering the art of creating TikTok advertisements that not only capture attention but also drive substantial growth for your brand. During this workshop, our experts will pull back the curtain on the strategies that separate high-impact TikTok ads from the rest. You'll gain invaluable insights into the fusion of performance marketing and creativity, where compelling storytelling meets data-driven optimization. Learn how to tap into TikTok's immense audience and engage viewers on a whole new level. Discover the science behind crafting ads that resonate with your target demographic, sparking genuine interest and interaction. Dive into the effective ad design and content creation, ensuring that your messages leave a lasting impression.

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Coffe Break


Hacking human nature: How applying behavioural science can make your marketing more effective

Richard Shotton

Author of The Choice Factory and founder of Astroten

The overview is: If you are in the business of influencing decisions, you need to understand what drives them. In this session we'll explore how consumer behaviour is shaped by psychological shortcuts. These shortcuts are prone to biases; and, if you are aware of these biases, you can align your communications with human nature, not against it. We'll discuss some of the ideas from Richard's most recent book, The Illusion of Choice, which looks at both classic behavioural science studies and more recent, lesser known findings. These findings can be simply and practically applied to your marketing to make it more effective.

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Storytelling or rather Telling Stories

Andrej Pompe

Partner and strategist, Brand Business School, Formitas skupina d.o.o.

“There once lived a financier, who used to tell his 4-year-old son a bedtime story about profit. The son could never fall asleep and kept asking why...” You can imagine how the story continues, but the beginning of the story certainly piques your attention and reveals many elements that good storytelling requires. I will touch on the point of the story and the telling of it, emphasise the importance of emotional conversation and tell another story or two.

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Triumphs and Blunders of AI in Direct Communication: Learning From Our Mistakes

Andrej Bergant

Head of R&D, FrodX

Discover the transforming landscape of direct marketing, sales, and customer support through the lens of AI. Andrej Bergant, Head of R&D at FrodX, guides you through real-world cases illustrating AI's potential and pitfalls in customer interaction. We explore the shift towards customer support-like communication and question whether an unwavering commitment to personalization is always beneficial. This talk ignites critical reflections on striking the right balance in AI-driven customer communication in marketing, sales, or customer support.

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Chinese: I can not live without WeChat

Dr. Zhonghui Ding

Teaching assistant of international business at School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana

WeChat, known as “the everything APP”, even Elon Musk wanted to copy it for the West. But how does it compare to other APPs that we are familiar with, such as WhatsApp, FB, Instagram, Paypal, Booking, and Uber? Are there any similarities and differences? What makes WeChat indispensable for Chinese people? In this 25-minute session, we will explore the features of WeChat beyond its social attributes and a broad understanding of the typical marketing tactics utilized on the platform.

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How will AI change media and marketing over the next five years?

Uroš Svenšek

Head of Digital at Agencija 101

Research shows that the strongest emotion people feel when they first interact with tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney is not excitement, but fear. Fear of what this means for our jobs, for the trustworthiness of our content, for our safety, and for the world as we know it. This is fear of the unknown and the unpredictable, which is why in this lecture we will bring out the crystal ball and predict three different scenarios of how AI technology will most likely change the media and marketing industries in the next five years. The wave of artificial intelligence that has engulfed us over the last year is affectionately known as generative AI, and it is crystal clear that this wave has shaken the two industries that specialise in the generation of information, entertainment, and sales content most of all.

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