Thursday, 19. October


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Warming up

Maja Tratnik

Daytime programme host



The last five-year media period. A Roller Coaster or a Magic House?

Mitja Tuškej

Strategist and Partner, Formitas Group

Zoran Savin

Director of IAB Slovenia & Independent Consultant @

The last five-year media advertising period has been an adrenaline rush. There were ups, downs, changes, innovations, actions and reactions... but despite all that, the period was marked by a calm beginning and a calm end. What has changed during this adrenaline-filled period and what are the key trends in Slovenian media developments that we need to pay attention to when preparing media strategies for our brands?

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Warming up

Gregor Murn

Daytime programme host



Manipulation can have many faces

Dr. Janez Mekinc

Associate Professor, at University of Primorska, Specialist in Applied Ethics and Executive Coaching

This lecture aims to shed light on manipulation based on knowing the value system of the other person, group or society. Our starting point is that manipulation has both a positive and a negative impact on the various stakeholders in our lives. The right manipulation can activate the emotional efficiency of potential clients or colleagues, which is why a comprehensive understanding of the manipulation process is crucial.

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Does inflation = Christmas deflation?

Eva Škedelj

Global Meta Sales Lead & Meta Lead Slovenia

This Christmas season people are faced with the challenge of more closely controlling their budgets. Let’s counter the 7% rise in the price of goods with at least 7% more of the emotion filled moments that really matter. Pump up Christmas with more moments, more discovery, more feels to still make this one to remember. Invitation to feel “Christmassy” since top motivation to purchase during Q4 (outside of Mega Sales Days) = to get me in the holiday spirit. Together we will review the latest Meta data on people's behaviours on the Meta Family of Apps, what they are discovering, what worked well last year and how you still have time to maybe prepare/change something for your 2023 Festive period.

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Digital Trends for 2024

Alastair Banks

Co-Founder at Optix Solutions

Alastair will tell us what he’s been interested in (digitally) over the last 12 months and what we need to look out for in the next 12. Get ready for a rapid, fire hose of ideas, enthusiasm, and inspiration with actions for you to take away and implement in your businesses on the day.

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Self-care as the Key to Effective Work in the Media, Advertising and Marketing Industries

Polona Jančar

Graduate Psychotherapist, Specialty Registrar in Integrative Therapy

Tanja Breznik

Graduate Occupational Therapist and Graduate Psychotherapist

This presentation will discuss the importance of self-care and well-being in challenging media environments, advertising agencies and marketing departments. Participants will learn practical strategies for maintaining work–life balance and increasing productivity. By presenting the platform, we will demonstrate how meditation can enhance self-care and benefit your career.

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Coffee break


How we built the brand of the “most beautiful city in the world”

Zoran Janković

Mayor of the City of Ljubljana

In a conversation with Petra Kovič, he will discuss how, as Mayor of the capital of Slovenia, he has built new foundations in terms of communication with citizens, internal communication with employees, as well as relations with the media and other publics. After all, it is thanks to him that the slogan lauding Ljubljana as the most beautiful city in the world has become deeply rooted in the hearts of not only the people of Ljubljana, but of Slovenians in general. The fact that more than 32,000 citizens have met with him so far at the Open Days, which are held on the first Tuesday of the month, serves as further proof that communication is the cornerstone of success. SEMPL participants will have the opportunity to increase this figure even further since the talk about his contribution to the strong brand of Ljubljana will be followed by a short Q&A, where the audience will have the chance to ask him a few questions.

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Do you know your CO2 footprint? – The online app that convinced 1.4 million Finns

Sustainability is becoming a central theme in business and life, but abstract and ominous discussions do not bring positive changes. That's why the Finnish institute Sitra has developed the online app PSL, which makes the topic of sustainable lifestyle accessible to individuals in a simple and enjoyable way. It is a calculator for calculating the carbon footprint, which has been used by more than 1.4 million Finns, and is now also available in Slovenia. The PSL online application can be an excellent tool for those who want to approach the green transition in a concrete way for themselves and their colleagues. The project is being carried out under the EU's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program in eight European countries. In Slovenia, the project is led by the teams of the Circular Change and the City of Ljubljana in collaboration with various project ambassadors, including Nina Gaspari, Aljoša Bagola, Jerneja Jug Jerše, and Tina Remic. In a short interactive lecture, we will learn what a sustainable lifestyle is, calculate our carbon footprint using the innovative online app PSL, and gather concrete ideas on how we can inspire our community for sustainable change. Link to the online app PSL:

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Addressable TV now also in Slovenia – on the NEO TV platform

Luca Borzatta

Product and Service Development Director, Telekom Slovenije

Addressable TV on the NEO TV platform for content consumption The future of watching video content The ways, trends and platforms for watching video content are changing rapidly. However, this certainly does not mean that television will disappear from our homes. Finally, there is a solution available that will allow television to be segmented, localised and adapted in terms of time and money to the needs of advertisers on the one hand and the interests of users on the other. TV advertising is finally changing – what does the future hold? TV advertising is set to undergo major changes in the future. Addressable TV is therefore a bridge between traditional TV advertising and online advertising. New technologies are finally also available in Slovenia, making it possible to better target viewers and increase interaction with them, and for advertisers to optimise their budgets and increase the effectiveness and measurability of their advertising. NEO as a TV platform that continues to set new milestones NEO, Telekom Slovenije’s smart living platform, brought a whole new kind of home entertainment to Slovenian living rooms in 2018. In 2022, NEO also became the first and so far the only IPTV platform on the Slovenian market to offer advertisers a new, more efficient way to advertise.

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Creating a credible and optimised website in the eyes of search engines

Nika Medved

Managing director and CEO, IDEAZ

Tilen Ledić

SEO consultant, IDEAZ

In today’s world, understanding digital channels is key to success. We will take a look at the key factors that search engines like Google take into account when evaluating and ranking websites. We will explore the importance of providing correct and truthful information at the top of search results in terms of SEO and learn about different strategies to achieve visibility in search results, from the technical optimisation of the website, quality content, link-building and the actual creation and exposure of a credible and trustworthy brand. A lecture not to be missed if you want your website to attract more visitors and rank highly in the search engines.

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Shaping The Future: Idea Babies, Sharks, Waves and Zombies, Oh My!

Dr Max McKeown

English writer, consultant and strategic psychologist

How to Adapt Strategically and Thrive in An Age of Opportunities, WTF Shocks, and Waves of Change Join Dr Max for a fast-paced, high-value, hyper-visual exploration about how you can shape a better future. At our best we are able to think our way to what we want from where we are. Explore how to build an idea hungry, strategic brain that benefits from the wisdom and insights of the people around you. This powerful, enjoyable and unique speed strategy session will be full of memorable examples from real people winning (and losing) with real world strategies. How to create powerful momentum? How can you create strategy that adapts in real time? How can you get to the future in time? How can you win strategically in a WTF world? Everything is Strategy We can all be a little more strategic, we can all learn to worry less, and keep moving forward. Strategists get stronger, smarter when faced with adversity. They use imagination to create brilliant strategies that provide clever paths to better places. As we develop our confidence in our ability to adapt new situations, we can transcend old problems. Dr Max will apply lessons about high adaptability and bring this focus to life with examples, humour, emotion so you will gain memorable personal, practical insights to help you in the real world. Metropolitan

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How to create a standout campaign with targeted TV advertising

Mario Koštomaj

Key Account Manager, TSmedia

Nina Bohinc Furlan

Key Account Sales Manager, TSmedia

In today’s dynamic environment, it is crucial to understand the constant social changes and new ways of monitoring media. Nina Bohinc Furlan, Key Account Sales Manager at TSmedia, together with Mario Koštomaj, Key Account Manager, will introduce you to the news in the world of advertising and innovative advertising campaigns that TSmedia offers with its media platforms and digital solutions. With Targeted TV advertising, TSmedia has also entered the field of television advertising and thus, together with one of the most popular online written media platforms,, and their national coverage of digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens, offers an effective and customised media mix that perfectly fits the client’s needs. In addition to digital advertising, it also offers high-quality custom production services and opportunities to present brands through multimedia advertorial stories. At the workshop, we will learn about the main advantages of targeted TV advertising, innovations in digital advertising, and how to prepare an effective and integrated campaign for yourself or your client that stands out from the competition and brings the desired results.

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How “polluted” is online advertising?

Jure Kumljanc

Digital Media Director, Medialog

CTR, CPM, Impressions, Clicks. These are the key performance indicators of display advertising. These KPIs are enough to measure the effect of advertising. But what about their effect on the (physical) environment? Can this even be checked? Each of our activities leaves behind a footprint that can be detected, measured and (in the future) optimised. It is time to start reporting on the carbon footprint that is created as a result of any activity, even in the field of online advertising. It would be quite understandable to conclude that online advertising is more sustainable than advertising in print and other physical media. However, the field of online advertising also requires the use of certain resources. Listen to an example of good practice.

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Gregor Draksler

Marketing and Advertising Director and Emil Frey Group Marketing Manager; P Automobil Import, d.o.o.

Welcome to the biggest automotive event of the year! The automotive world today is undergoing its biggest and most dramatic technological change in more than 130 years since the first car was built. All of us who are thinking about personal mobility in the new era are faced with the complex decision of what kind of car we want to drive in the future. The Emil Frey Group decided to showcase the technological, design and energy luxury of the automotive future to Slovenia at the biggest automotive event of the year, where Slovenian drivers could see and, for the first time ever in one place, test drive more than 70 cars of the brands represented by the Emil Frey Group in Slovenia on an area of 66,000 square metres. Visitors have never before had the opportunity to test drive any of the cars on display at any Slovenian motor show or exhibition. This time, however, they got the chance: at the seven driving modules offered by the AMZS Safe Driving Centre in Vransko, drivers received first-hand answers to questions about driving dynamics, powertrains, safety systems and comfort – behind the wheel in a safe environment.

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Discussion – How to communicate in 2024

Iva Đurković

Luna\TBWA and OMD’s Managing Director

Gregor Firbas

CEO Futura DDB

Jernej Smisl

Corporate Communications Director, Pristop



From brand managers to brain managers

Dalibor Šumiga

Behavioral Marketing Specialist & Speaker, Google Growth Engine Ambassador (Adriatics), Founder of Promosapiens

Decades of scientific research with unquestionable evidence about shopper behavior and human irrationality have been published. Yet, chasing the artistic purity of our marketing campaigns, we very often forget that all shoppers are humans first - they chase security, while marketers chase novelty. In a thought-provoking lecture about the brain, brand power and the state of modern advertising, you'll have a chance to get the latest insight about your number one client - the shopper.

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The Protruding Debris from the Global Media Flood

So far, exploiting the incredible potential of the media to improve the state of mind of modern society has mainly been done by people. In cooperation with AI, are we looking at a society of optimism, pessimism or possibly even collapse?

Janja Božič Marolt

Founder and director of Institute for Market and Media Research, Mediana

So far, exploiting the incredible potential of the media to improve the state of mind of modern society has mainly been done by people. In cooperation with AI, are we looking at a society of optimism, pessimism or possibly even collapse? With smartphones in your hands and quick fingers, all participants will be directly involved in the dynamics and unfolding of a sparkling conversation with Janja. Together, you will explore whether and to what degree there is a difference between reality and the perception of the situation in society and the media. Recommended for everyone, including Narcissists.

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The structure of media audiences is radically changing

Jože Sambt

Full Professor, School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana

Slovenia’s population is ageing rapidly and this process is set to continue intensively over the next three decades. Even in the next decade, the size and structure of the target audience will change dramatically, with generations born at a time of extremely low birth rates entering the 18–49 age group. The demographic projections are very reliable as they are mainly determined by the existing age structure of the population, which is a given.

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Beyond Click-Through Rates: Rethinking Success Metrics in Teads Attention-Driven Campaigns

Katarzyna Kabiesz

Head of Insights CEE, Teads

The keynote will cast a spotlight on the fundamental importance of attention measurement in today's digital advertising landscape. During this presentation, I will take the opportunity to highlight the significance of comprehending and optimizing user attention in the digital realm, as a fundamental pillar for achieving meaningful outcomes. The session will also stress the vital role that advanced tools and technologies play in precisely gauging user attention, thereby enabling businesses to refine their digital marketing strategies with increased efficiency. Furthermore, a series of Teads’ case studies will illustrate the growing significance of this new metric as the emerging digital media standard.

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Happy Hour