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Robert Čoban

owner and CEO, Color Press Group, Serbia

Robert Čoban

About Robert

Robert Čoban was born on the 27th of July in 1968 in Bač, Vojvodina. He finished secondary school in Backa Palanka, then studied law in Novi Sad. In 1990, he began to work as a journalist; at the beginning he was a correspondent from Novi Sad for Belgrade's newspaper Vecernje novosti, newspaper Arena from Zagreb and Sarajevo's Naši dani, and he also featured in magazines Vreme and Stav. In 1992, he and a group of students restored the student magazine Index. After two issues they transformed the newsroom and created Nezavisni index magazine, later renamed Svet, from which the publishing house Color Press Group emerged. Today, Robert Čoban leads the Color Press Group, the largest publishing house in the region, with companies in all six countries which jointly publish 84 magazines, manage 21 web portals and organize more than 50 conferences and festivals annually. The portfolio of the company includes a number of licensed magazines such as The Economist, Diplomacy & Commerce, Hello!, Brava Casa, Gloria, Story, Grazia and many others. Amon the conferences organized by Color Press Group are Pro Femina, Food Talk, The Economist: The World in ..., Digital, Book Talk, CSR Serbia, Serbia Goes Green, Teen Talk and others.

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Europa Hall, 29.11.2018 at 13:25-13:45

We Are Not in Kansas Anymore: New Business Models in the Region

Ten years ago, the collapse of the Lehman Brothers bank marked the beginning of the global economic crisis that hit almost all sectors. Almost simultaneously, media industry received another blow – the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. That was the beginning of a drastic change in the use of the media. How did the media industry in the region responded to this challenge and what are the new business models that have enabled the media to survive in this land of Oz; a completely new environment that is »not Kansas anymore«.

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