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Ota Širca Roš

host and journalist, POP TV, Slovenia

Ota Širca Roš

About Ota

Ota Širca Roš is a well-known Slovenian host and journalist. She holds a title of Femme Fatale 2017, by the choice of Avenija magazine and was also nominated for Viktor award for The radio personality of the year 2007. Ota is a longtime TV-host of the Pop In show at Pop TV.

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Europa Hall, 29.11.2018 at 09:30-10:00

Stand up Straight

After performing in movies with James Bond, Lara Croft, Lucy, Poirot and Briget Jones’s Baby, Julian is now performinig in more and more TV series. Britannia, Banished, Harlots and Silenced Witness are recent projects Julian was involved with in last couple of years. Series are becoming the ultimate culture. How are they done, and how is the people's perception on watching televison changing? The one and only Ota Širca Roš will be talking to him about the last year and some new Slovenian words that he learned in between.

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