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Matej Golob

partner, CorpoHub, Slovenia

Matej Golob

About Matej

Matej Golob is a partner at CorpoHub. For many years, he has been a consultant on lean innovative entrepreneurship, mentor, facilitator, moderator and speaker. Through the introduction of different methodologies and approaches, he helps teams in corporations to innovate faster and more effectively.

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Europa Hall, 30.11.2018 at 14:00-14:30

Nail it!

Do you frequently ask yourself how to nail it for your boss or the clients and deliver what they really want, without spending hours on preparing stuff they end up rejecting at meetings? The wake up call might sound like: ''Face it: your baby (project, idea) is sometimes ugly!’'

But why does that happen, what are we doing wrong or missing? The engaging talk will focus on all the above mentioned, plus give hints on: how to team up and deliver the right swing for your customer, how to function in times of rapid change, how to minimise creative flops by putting together the right process/idea prototype, and how to do the magic of team co-creation with your customer or business partner.

Daniela and Matej are working with some of the biggest companies in the region, helping them develop the required mindset and skills to drive innovation. They will support the theory with local and international business cases. So, are you ready to learn how to NAIL IT?

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