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Manca Korelc

Social Media Communication Trainer and LinkedIn Consultant, Slovenia

Manca Korelc

About Manca

Manca Korelc is an award-winning content marketer and entrepreneur. In the past 10 years she has been cruising in digital marketing world and settled in social media. She helps companies reaching communication goals on social media. She is an ambassador and consultant for LinkedIn, because she strongly believes in the power of building brand by sharing knowledge. She combined her passion for writing, exploring Slovenia, cycling and photography in the project Moja jezera (My Lakes), for which she received 3 awards for special achievements in content marketing and the excellence of a digital project. She believes in the strength of positive business communication, content marketing (she calls it knowledge marketing) and networking. She is also a highly acclaimed lecturer to feed her love for public speaking and exchanging experiences.

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Emerald Hall, 30.11.2018 at 12:30-13:00

How to Become a Professional Speaker – 1 on 1 with Jurgen Appelo

For many, the perfect source of extra income is becoming a professional speaker. At first glance, as an industry professional, you have what it takes: experience, knowledge and you are probably an extrovert who knows how to perform. However, the professional public speaking industry operates on two tracks: the celebrities, who because of their name recognition instantly earn top dollar fees; and all the others, who have to learn how to market themselves, build their clientele and provide good content.

Manca will talk to Jurgen in order to find out where to start, what to do and which mistakes to avoid on your path towards success on stage.

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