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Jonathan Tavss

Director and Co-Founder, Kaledioko, UK

Jonathan Tavss

About Jonathan

With a profound ability for bringing vision and aligning connections that drive companies to reach their potential as definitively holistic brands – where all touch-points are aligned to drive heightened customer satisfaction and company growth – Jonathan Tavss is a global leader in marrying storytelling, business strategy, consumer insight and technology to ideate, manage and launch solutions that truly deliver. Jonathan is sought out for globally strategic innovation, market intelligence, product and content development, marketing, distribution strategy and partnership development advice for clients that range from Fortune 100 to startups. Over the decades, Jonathan has planned and directed operational transformations, content initiatives, product development and integrated campaigns, or been an advisor, for companies including 21st Century Fox, Warner Bros., Disney, ABC, OwnZones Media Network, ABS-CBN International, Real Medicine Foundation, Altar Furniture, PromaxBDA and Sporcle. In addition to being a frequent speaker at media, entertainment, museum and retail conferences, Jonathan is also a Fellow of The RSA, a Professor for Boston University’s Masters in Media Ventures program and a mentor for the Stubbs Alderton Preccelerator Program.

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Europa Hall, 29.11.2018 at 10:00-10:40

The Majority Report: Media Opportunities in 2030

In a world of expansive technology growth, where 50% of today’s jobs will have been automated, what will the role and relationship of brands and consumers be? By 2030, the world may be explosively different, but there are already fissures revealing how AI, blockchain and genetics are about to radically transform everything over the next 10 years. Luckily, humanity will be deeply rooted at the core. To be viable beyond the next decade, a radical rethinking in contextually relevant creativity will be required. Presented in an engaging format that challenges perceptions and beliefs, Dean Donaldson turns different lenses to today’s bleeding-edge developments in technology, business and society to unearth the possibilities of tomorrow and share tools to success at scale.

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