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David Bassett

Director of Analytics, Lumen Research, UK

David Bassett

About David

David Bassett is the Director of Analytics at Lumen Research. He began his career in DDB London’s strategic planning department, specialising in the application of econometric techniques to improve marketing effectiveness. After 5 years at DDB, he completed a research masters in philosophy and economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. On returning to London he worked as a Principal Consultant at Data2Decisions, a specialist marketing effectiveness consultancy, working with British Gas, The Guardian and Mondeléz. In 2013, David co-founded Lumen Research, a research agency specialising in the application of eye tracking to advertising research. David has been a frequent contributor to the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising respected Effectiveness Awards, as the author of 6 award-winning cases, including a Grand Prix and the prize for Dedication to Effectiveness, as well as the Publishing & Data Research Forum, winning the Best Paper award in 2017.

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Europa Hall, 30.11.2018 at 10:00-10:30

Paying (for) attention: how eye tracking reveals the reality of attention to advertising across media

‘I know that 4/5ths of my advertising budget is wasted, I just don’t know which 4/5ths.’

If John Wanamaker was around today, he would have to update his famous adage: Despite claims to reduce wastage by precisely targeting audiences, insights from eye tracking show the reality of online advertising: 80% of it is ignored (even assuming its viewable).

But although getting noticed online is tough, it’s not impossible. With the right mix of eye-catching and engaging creative and high attention media, advertisers can get their brands seen more and achieve strong ROIs. This involves turning much of digital advertising practice on its head, by investing more in creative development and putting a value back on context.

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