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Matevž Šmalc

Head of Brand and Experience, A1 Slovenija, Slovenia

Matevž Šmalc

About Matevž

Matevž Šmalc has over 15 years of experience in the industry that sparked his imagination since his early years. After finishing his studies and a brief encounter with copywriting, he embarked a long journey of working on both sides of the marketing industry spectrum. After years of agency life, specializing in automotive, financial and telecommunication industries and receiving several domestic and international awards, he is currently focusing entirely on the telco market, working with A1 Slovenija, the second biggest national telco provider. After starting his position as a Marketing Communication Manager in 2015, he is currently a Head of Brand and Experience department. As a positive-vibe emitter and a straightforward manager he enjoys working with his teams, loves everything about digitalization and manages all aspects of A1 Slovenija’s brands and its touchpoints from communication and customer experience perspective.

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