SEMPL 2017 – Day 1

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Breakfast for the perfect morning

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Entertain or Die: Marketing Lessons Learned from Movie industry

Julian Rhind-Tutt Actor and Producer UK
Ota Širca Roš TV host and journalist, POP TV Slovenia

One-on-one with Julian Rhind-Tutt, actor

He knows the world's biggest show business industry from the inside. He appeared alongside Angelina Jolie (Lara Croft), Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman (Lucy), Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant (Notting Hill) and knows engaging stories very well. We will talk to Julian to discover the secrets of storytelling and look into the future of the industry, taking into consideration fast evolving AI and VR. Be prepared for a bunch of funny stories with a pinch of british charm as well.

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Win the game with Nonlinear Marketing

Jamie Turner Author, Speaker, CNN Contributor USA

Consumer behavior and media consumption habits are changing at a rapid pace. As a result, traditional customer acquisition strategies are losing their effectiveness. Marketers have struggled to find ways to address this new environment. Jamie’s keynote sheds light on a new approach that's being practiced by some of the world’s most sophisticated marketers. We call this nonlinear marketing and it’s a way for brands to weave themselves into the fabric of a consumer’s life rather than using the traditional approach where they would interrupt a consumer’s life. The result is a richer, more robust experience for the consumer, and a more effective, longer lasting relationship for the marketer.

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Warm up Cocktails



GDPR: Turn cost of compliance into an opportunity

Igor Pauletič Founder and CEO of FrodX Slovenia
Matija Jamnik co-founder of JK Group Slovenia

Technology will soon “eat” marketing and, to a certain extent, sales. The digital footprint, which consumers leave behind on the web, and artificial intelligence, which takes patterns of every individual's behaviour and makes their psychological profiles so that they can personally speak to them, are slowly suggesting the way the technology spills into space, which until recently was almost exclusively in the domain of creatives. We may not yet be aware of this, but it’s already happening. As of May 2018, some practices of more technologically advanced digital people will be quite complicated. At the workshop, the speakers will present the practices that GDPR will no longer tolerate in the same way as it is, to some extent, still tolerated by the current regulations. The purpose of the workshop is not only to tell what the GDPR bans, but to offer alternative approaches for similar effects or marketing goals. The speakers will explain this from a legal and procedural-technological point of view.

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Building Purchase Intent on Mobile

Črt Podlogar Digital Strategist, Red Orbit Slovenia

Since the beginning, TV has been used to build awareness and drive purchase intent. Entire companies and industries were built on that. But as users are now shifting to mobile, advertisers will need to learn how to build awareness and intent there. This has been a challenge for many advertisers and online media for some time. All the big players (from Google to Facebook) are now heavily investing in developing new solutions for advertisers to reach users at the top of the funnel (TOFU). While many new solutions already exist, advertisers and agencies have yet to find the perfect mix that will actually have an impact on the bottom of the funnel (BOFU) as well. The first companies to master the digital TOFU and MOFU (middle of the funnel) will be tomorrow's winners.

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Outdoor: Maybe the Best of Both Worlds

Ben Maher Sales and Partnerships Director, JCDecaux UK

Digitalisation and the shift in conversation are the two main changes happening in Out-Of-Home, where thinking about just adapting campaigns' creative to panels and frames has become obsolete. Ben will take us to the digital OOH future and explain how are these changes going to impact brands and benefit consumers.

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A critique of a pure brand or a look at whether things have taken the matter into their own hands

Slavoljub Stanković Creative Director, Mercator-S Serbia

There is an anecdote about how Socrates was once taken into a big market in Athens to remind him of his modesty. The old man watched with great enthusiasm the wonders brought from all over the world. "What do you now say about the material world, wise Socrates?" He replied in his style: "How many wonderful things – which I do not need." The brand is Nietzsche's Übermensch. Hobbes's Leviathan. Spinoza's definition. Plato's idea. The brand is the essence. But of trivial things. How has it become so important? Have things taken the matter into their own hands? The brand exists only for us. What a brand is in its essence, how pure it is, according to Kant, nobody knows. Hegel should say that as such, in itself, the brand does not even exist. When after a long exploration we climb to this mountain, at the top we will not find anyone other than – ourselves.

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Closing the gap between technology and us – key future developments that await us

Sneha Nagesh Global Search Business Director, PHD Global Business UK

Humans and technology are getting closer to each other every day. We are wittnesing developments in the tech market that are surpassing all the predictions, especially in the field of cognitive technology. Sneha will lead you through the changes that awaits us, reveal some of the developments coming our way and tell you what we have to do today to prepare for tomorrow.

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Leveraging Big Data and Predictive Models to outperform in digital marketing

Marius Ivanovas Head of Performance & Biga Data Division, Httpool Lithuania

Marius will present how the advertisers are drastically improving overall marketing performance by leveraging Big Data, implementing visualisations of all results in real time and using predictive models, artificial intelligence to automatize campaign management.

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What colour is green?*

Vasja Grabner art director, AV studio Slovenia

What is the smell and the taste of green and why do we think green is green? What does this have to do with blindness and sex? Or, on the other hand with the media and advertising? These questions Vasja asks himself and you. Through working stereotypes he's questioning advertising commitment to originality and creativity. By observing the interpretations we are trapped in, he'll make your stereotypes weaker. As soon as we realise what we are doing, communication becomes more fun, and above all, more efficient.

*In Slovene language

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Lunch break: Culinary masterpieces

Piano bar


Masked to unmask copycats

Joe la Pompe Blogger, Columnist, Book Writer, France

Come and meet a real pain in the ass for all the lazy creatives worldwide. Joe is working incognito and will come to tell you the story behind his blog, why and how he is doing all that. He will raise questions like: What is originality? Hasn't everything already been done? Are we necessarily influenced by the past? Does the copy have any merits? Can we tell if a copycat is intentional or a coincidence? All these, through jaw dropping examples of print, outdoors and videos that totally lack originality (but sometimes win prestigious awards anyway).

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Everything I thought about creativity is wrong

Dave Birss Speaker, Author, Creative Thinker, UK

After 20 years as an advertising creative - and creative director roles at some of London’s most respected agencies - Dave thought he understood creativity. Eight years after he left the industry, he realises most of that was completely wrong. He’s spent the last few years studying, experimenting and questioning everything he assumed to be true. And he’s ready to share some of his latest thinking on idea-generation and how to get better at it.

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Transform your marketing strategy with tech disruptors

Ivan Nosić Business Consultant at Clickattack Croatia

Machine learning algorithms for copywriting, chatbots communicating with your customers, tones of data that you monitor daily but not necessarily use in the best way possible… sounds familiar? You don't need gazillion dollars to do so. All you need is knowhow. By successfully combining Big Data and tech features, you can generate profound insights into what consumers really want and need. What is more important, you can do that easily, or more inexpensively than your competitors. In this workshop, Saša will show you how you can easily gain from using big data the right way and which are the most useful tech features on the market. Remember, sometimes simple tricks can leverage your business and improve your campaign results significantly.

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Why Modern Leadership Fails: Biology has the answer

John Dalton Director of LSPR UK and LSPR Worldwide UK

Modern leadership is the most talked and written about topic in business - yet despite millions of articles and thousands of books and academic studies, there are still so many examples of failure in leadership in both commerce and politics - why? It is the most talked about and least understood academic topic. John's rationale is simple - business and management education has focused on outcomes and used military leadership as its base - this is outdated and now less useful. Few people have looked at evolutionary biology and neuroscience to provide a proper explanation of why we think as we do and why mismatches occur all the time. This talk is about putting the biology back into management and leadership.

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How to Use Digital Marketing to Grow Your Sales and Revenues

Jamie Turner Author, Speaker, CNN Contributor USA

Join Jamie as he takes you on an information-packed tour of some of the most effective digital marketing tools and techniques. If you’re interested in learning what works and what doesn’t work in the world of digital marketing, then you won’t want to miss this fast-paced, fun, and upbeat workshop from one of the world’s leading marketing experts.
Here's just some of what you'll learn: 1. How to lay the foundation for an effective digital marketing campaign; 2. Consumer behavior secrets that will help you take your campaigns to the next level; 3. How to "think backwards" in order to increase the ROI of your digital marketing programs.

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Networking Party

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The Sempler Award Show

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POP Till You Drop Party ft. Monkeybusiness

Paprika Club, Portorož