SEMPL 2017 – Day 2

Take a look at last year’s agenda. The preliminary schedule for SEMPL 2018 will be revealed soon.


Europa Hall


Emerald Hall


The Sempler Award goes to…

Video screening of the award winning media strategies.

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What gets measured, gets managed

Simona Rupar Marketing at Krka and quantified self researcher Slovenia

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The future media agency is not an agency

Andreas Schwabe CEO, Blackwood Seven Germany

20 years ago, an average media plan took around 50 decisions to make. Today, it is more like 5.000. Without an artificial intelligence, you cannot longer keep up. Let's face the truth, the game is changing, transparency counts more than trust and media agencies must re-think their business. Andreas will show you how A.I. can already be successfully integrated into the strategic media planning and how it can allow as to make smarter, data driven decisions in order to maximize ROI across our marketing mix.

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Programmatic TV is the future!

Igor Mali COO, iPROM Slovenia
Dragoslav Radin General Manager, Beenius Slovenia

Television, as the most powerful medium, is experiencing a digital transformation of its own. Many new innovations in the field of digital media and video consumption are affecting its business model. The workshop will present the future of television and the advertising role in it. Igor Mali and Dragoslav Radin will demonstrate new possibilities that modern technological solutions are already delivering. Workshop objectives: Present trends in the field of programmatic TV; Explain what options the programmatic media buy-in enables on interactive TV platforms; Provide insight into advertising on interactive TV platforms today and in the future.

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After Party Detox


Technology vs. People: Everything You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing

Justin Rezvani Founder & CEO, theAmplify USA
Marija Mijatović PR and Communications Specialist, Represent Serbia

Influencer Marketing has become a staple of the digital media mix; however, it does not inherently function in a smooth and efficient manner. People aren’t enough, it takes process. So, how are tech platforms (like theAmplify) enabling more efficient, and more effective, influencer campaigns for brands? In this session, Justin will discuss a variety of topics including how to streamline communication with brands/influencers, automatically migrate influencer content, and use Influencer Chatbots to scale 1:1 communication.
After the Justin will take us through the latest global trends and into the future, Marija will hit the stage with several specifics, you need to have in mind if you are thinking about creating a sucessfull influencer marketing campaign in the region.

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What drives Generation Y in the advertising industry?

Dr. Marko Majer Founding Partner and CEO, Mayer McCann Slovenia

Millennials are perceived as a specific generation, which is difficult to manage and motivate for work. They are hard to understand, and even they often describe themselves in contradicting terms. In the advertising industry, populated with usually more ambitious individuals, the overall stereotypes of the Millennials meet a commonly stressful working environment. Based on a research of young talent working in agencies across Europe, and particularily in the CEE, Marko draws some interesting observations and offers conceptual and practical suggestions for better understanding of the Millennials at work.

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Trust, transparency and new normal

Jan Jilek CEO, Dotmetrics Croatia
Boris Rogan Managing Director, Luna\TBWA Zagreb Croatia
Robert Schmitzer Director of Digital Development, Delo Slovenia

Viewability, relevant metrics, fake news, ad fraud… while counting conversions, likes and impressions, there are some major issues to be adressed.

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Key Challenges of SEM, SEO and Online Legislation – DIMAQ approved!*

Luka Žnidaršič certified DIMAQ trainer and performance manager for SEE, Httpool Slovenia
Radoš Skrt certified DIMAQ trainer, CEO, Slovenia
Jaka Repanšek founder, RePublis Slovenia

The team of certified DIMAQ trainers will draw attention to the key challenges and traps of legislation (GDPR) for the media industry and present tips & tricks on how to quickly minimize costs and achieve better results when doing SEM & SEO. Participants will also learn what knowledge is needed to become an internationally certified digital marketing expert by IAB Europe. You will also be able to test your knowledge with a DIMAQ test. You are invited to try it!

*In Slovene language

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Lunch break: Culinary masterpieces

Piano bar


Words at Work (And Words that Don’t Work at Work)

Susie Dent TV Presenter and Lexicographer UK

The words we choose matter. In the space of one sentence, an audience can decide whether to tune in or tune out, just as a single slogan can change our perception of a product forever. Susie would like to try to illuminate the areas where marketers can get things spectacularly wrong, and suggest how they can make them dramatically right, all thanks to the vocabulary they choose. Electing the right form of language costs nothing but can pay remarkable dividends.
She’ll also be discussing jargon and how, contrary to all expectations, it can be a force for the good, providing it’s used in the right way!
Throughout, Susie will be drawing on examples from various industries of language that worked, and the kind that really didn’t, and examining some case studies in which the addition of a simple phrase, to a request, dramatically changed the result. Each will, she hopes, demonstrate the saying that ‘words are free - it’s how you use them that may cost you’.

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What happens next? Exploring the digital transformation of the media market

Jon Watts Managing Partner and Co-founder, MTM UK

The media market is experiencing a period of dramatic change and development – how will the next 10 years play out?

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OK. So there are no more screens. Now what?

Nick Bicanic Founder of RVLVR, USA

What happens when media moves beyond the "frame" - be it a television, movie-screen, tablet or phone? What do stories become? How do brands engage with them? Is this the end of mass media or just another beginning? If you think screens are going to disappear what can you do today to prepare? Or should you just cross your fingers and hope that your existing business model will still be there in 3 to 5 years? Nick Bicanic will talk about the future of frameless media.

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Wrap up