Day One, 29. November 2018

Two days full of inspiring talks, intense networking and one unforgettable party.

Future stage

Europa Hall

Deep dive stage

Emerald Hall




Fresh SMOOTHie Start

Before entering the world of media trends, treat yourself with a fresh smoothie. You can get yours in front of the Europa hall.

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Stand up Straight

Expect a sequel, better than the original - Ota and Julian will pick up where they left off last year.

After performing in movies with James Bond, Lara Croft, Lucy, Poirot and Briget Jones’s Baby, Julian is now performinig in more and more TV series. Britannia, Banished, Harlots and Silenced Witness are recent projects Julian was involved with in last couple of years. Series are becoming the ultimate culture. How are they done, and how is the people's perception on watching televison changing? The one and only Ota Širca Roš will be talking to him about the last year and some new Slovenian words that he learned in between.

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The Majority Report: Media Opportunities in 2030

By 2030, the world may be explosively different.

Dean Donaldson

Director and Co-Founder, Kaleidoko

In a world of expansive technology growth, where 50% of today’s jobs will have been automated, what will the role and relationship of brands and consumers be? By 2030, the world may be explosively different, but there are already fissures revealing how AI, blockchain and genetics are about to radically transform everything over the next 10 years. Luckily, humanity will be deeply rooted at the core. To be viable beyond the next decade, a radical rethinking in contextually relevant creativity will be required. Presented in an engaging format that challenges perceptions and beliefs, Dean Donaldson turns different lenses to today’s bleeding-edge developments in technology, business and society to unearth the possibilities of tomorrow and share tools to success at scale.

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Competition makes us faster. Collaboration makes us better.*

Young Slovenian fashion designer Nina Šušnjara will talk about her creative partnerships with prominent brands.

Nina Šušnjara

fashion designer

Simona Kruhar Gaberšček

Executive Editor, Marketing Magazin

Young Slovenian fashion designer Nina Šušnjara has left her mark on many well-known local and global brands. In the discussion with Simona, she will reveal more about her cooperation with brands, the common practice that (fashion) designers use around the world, but is still rare in Adriatic region. Among her most successful co-branding cases are Natura Femina, EQUA, Mömax and even Jaguar.

* Talk will be in Slovene language.

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Media is dead. Long live the media!

A new Readership and readers survey clearly demonstrates that the reach of various media is quite different from the advertisers' opinion.

Andraž Zorko

Partner and Director, Valicon

Aleksander Bratina

Director of Development, Večer Skupina

Roman Zatler

Head of Market Research, Delo

Many advertisers use incomplete or outdated data in their media planning, or they don't use them at all. Therefore, media budgets are often distributed on the basis of obsolete data or subjective opinions. This is not a big challenge only for not-so-popular communication channels, but even bigger for advertisers who, consequently, misdirect their activities.

A new Readership and readers survey, one of the biggest studies on media consumption in Slovenia, clearly demonstrates that the reach of various media, not just print, is quite different from the advertisers' opinion. This presentation will showcase the reach of different target groups on different communication channels and reveal how "multi-channel" we actually are. Speakers will talk about some general misconceptions in the media market and what should be taken into consideration when executing your activities and media buying so they are based on real data.

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What’s Killing Your Brand? 10 Facts to Make Your Brand Bulletproof

Brands are using old, outdated strategies to solve poorly understood branding problems.

David Brier

Brand expert, designer, bestselling author

Recently in the annual Cannes Lions Festival, it was revealed that “80% of brands believe they deliver great consumer experiences. Only 8% of consumers agree". Yet today, brands are using old, outdated strategies to solve poorly understood branding problems. In this powerful keynote, brand expert David Brier will unveil the 10 things everyone needs to know to elevate their game, obliterate ineffective strategies, and usher in the future.

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There are no “Big Data”. There are organised and not organised data

Many marketers rely on old fashioned data forgetting which data really matters.

Vera Lloyd-Thomas

CEO, Kreativa New Formula

Many marketers rely on old fashioned data forgetting which data really matters and what it really means. They are going for some funny metrics such as likes and fans. Rather than reading into them, they give them too much importance.

Vera will answer the questions which data matters, which data fuels insightful decision making, how to organize and use offline and online streams of data, and how to stream your marketing investments more effectively. All that with insights and examples from real clients and cutting edge tools.

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Networking&coffee break


Quality is Winning the War on Attention

Why should marketers pay a premium to appear within a credible journalistic environment? 

Emma Winchurch-Beale

President of the World Media Group and International Sales Director at the Washington Post

The World Media Group is made up of media brands with quality global journalism built in as part of their DNA. However, quality journalism comes at a price and in a world of ‘digital opportunities’. Why should marketers pay a premium to appear within a credible journalistic environment? 

While it has long been ‘received wisdom’ that context has a positive impact on consumer engagement levels, advertisers need to know precisely what and how much. The World Media Group tries to answer these questions by working with the independent analytics and measurement firm Moat to understand precisely what impact different forms of premium digital inventory have across a range of platforms: display, video, desktop, mobile and more. 

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Innovative Thinking, Cracking the Creativity Code

Does your company know why it is struggling with innovation? 

Lon Safko

Serial innovator, inventor, bestselling author, speaker, trainer, consultant

Does your company know why it is struggling with innovation? In less than 50 minutes, Lon will show you the obstacles stifling your company’s creativity. Once innovation is so difficult, Lon will then give you the knowledge to overcome those obstacles and you will see the reasons why bring out your innovation and creativity everyday!

You will learn how your brain functions (or doesn’t), experience demonstrations of your own brain’s difficulty to be creative, and study examples of how exercises like “random Association” will teach your brain to generate new ideas. In under an hour everyone becomes highly motivated to be their own “Innovation Thought Leaders”!

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The impact of video – a new media KPI?

A new approach for measuring the impact of video formats.

Dr. Andrea Malgara

Managing Partner, Mediaplus Group

The big question in media planning: What is the impact of an ad in different media? If we cannot measure it, the optimisation of maximum reach, efficient GRP’s and effective reach corridors will not lead to the highest effectiveness. The Procter Formula, the current standard, calculates different levels of exposure. Andrea Malgara will present a new approach for measuring the impact of video formats, based on findings from a brand new Mediaplus' study.

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All brands that are growing have one thing in common

Only the brands that have learned to work with consumers directly will survive.

Dennis Yuscavitch

VP of Global Product Marketing, Outbrain

With all digital trends of the recent years coming to inflexion points, all the biggest brands in the world are starting to decline. Millennial audience, mobile usage, programmatic digital channels and global access to information and services combined created environment where only the brands that have learned to work with consumers directly, and connect their communication directly with their product and people will survive. Those who are not adapting are getting displaced by digitally native upstart business.

Dennis will dissect one such marketing stack and give you guidelines for your next phase of digital transformation planning.

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Interested in influencers? Here’s what you need to know

Effective platforms can help you select best influencers.

Urban Cvek

Co-founder & CEO, Influee

Sebastjan Novinšek Jelovšek

Co-founder & COO, Influee

There are two main reasons influencer marketing doesn’t work. 1. You don’t know the demography of influencer’s audience; 2. You don’t know the authenticity of their followers.

In this workshop we’ll show you how effective platforms can help you select best influencers for your target audience, and how to collaborate with influencers at scale - all supported with reliable data, case studies and results from our markets. You will come away with a list of mistakes to avoid, an understanding of how metrics and data should be used to spend your budget wisely and a plan you can put into action as soon as you’re back in the office.

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We Are Not in Kansas Anymore: New Business Models in the Region

What are the new business models that have enabled the media to survive in a completely new environment.

Robert Čoban

owner and CEO, Color Press Group

Ten years ago, the collapse of the Lehman Brothers bank marked the beginning of the global economic crisis that hit almost all sectors. Almost simultaneously, media industry received another blow – the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. That was the beginning of a drastic change in the use of the media. How did the media industry in the region responded to this challenge and what are the new business models that have enabled the media to survive in this land of Oz; a completely new environment that is »not Kansas anymore«.

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The Power of Interactivity in Mobile Advertising

How can AI and interactivity enable more effective mobile advertising?

Damjan Planinc

Director and partner, Get Interactive

Creative, a long-neglected part of digital advertising, is becoming its key element. As attention spans are getting shorter, battle for the users, without offering an interesting and especially interactive creative solutions on mobile, is already lost in the beginning.

The workshop will provide practical tips on how advertisers can adapt creatives to be more attractive and unobtrusive enough not to spoil the perception of the brand. We will also look at the latest findings on how AI and smart data usage can enrich digital advertising and help advertisers achieve their goals.

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Lunch break

Piano bar


The day after Tomorrow

And then there is the ‘Day After Tomorrow’, the place where new ideas, business models, radically new technologies or concepts could change our business canvas forever.

Peter Hinssen

Serial entrepreneur, advisor, keynote speaker, author

Henry Kissinger described a recipe for strategic disaster in his book 'World Order': "You cannot remain relevant by simply projecting the familiar forward." Yet, that is what companies do almost every day. They look at tomorrow by what they know today, they extrapolate their comfort zone into the future, and hope for the best.

We spend most of our lives thinking about ‘Today’. We'd like to spend more time on ‘Tomorrow’. And then there is the ‘Day After Tomorrow’, the place where new ideas, business models, radically new technologies or concepts could change our business canvas forever. The Day After Tomorrow used to be far, far away. Until now. Technology has accelerated the pace of change in society. Digital has gone from being ‘nice’ to being ‘nasty’ where all of a sudden we talk about ‘disruption’ and ‘radical change’. Business models change overnight, and the Day After Tomorrow comes faster than ever before.

In this talk, Peter will tell us how companies can prepare for the Day After Tomorrow. How they can re-organize into patterns of innovation that allow them to be faster, more agile and more responsive and how can they follow the pace of change outside their walls, and refocus on being relevant to their customers.

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Web Analytics – Raiders of the Lost Metrics

Loads of data we see and analyse are often misinterpreted.

Robert Petković

Analytics Lead, Bruketa&Žinić&Grey

In digital era we rely on data and almost all websites have some analytics on them. However, many implementations are simply wrong or incomplete and loads of data we see and analyse are often misinterpreted either by marketers or by our clients. In this workshop you'll see why, when and how to use some metrics in your next marketing reports.

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Mobile and Video first strategy

Why you need to consider mobile and video first strategy in your media and marketing communication.

Rustam Ziganshin

Reseller Partner CEE, Facebook

The path to purchase across many products and services entered a next era. Mobile has unlocked a new age of attention where people are consuming video all throughout their day. As the world spends more and more time with mobile devices, the video has become an actual driver of discovery, consideration and purchase.

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Building optimized post-click experiences

When it comes to converting leads to customers, a marketer’s most valuable asset is a targeted landing page.

Anja Rus

Senior PPC Account Manager, Red Orbit

Unfortunately most ad budgets are wasted. We invest A LOT into strategic campaign planning, brainstorming for most creative concepts ever, segmenting users, designing attractive banners and catchy ad copies in order to convince users to click on our ads. When they finally do, we bring these hot leads to our mediocre landing pages. When it comes to converting leads to customers, a marketer’s most valuable asset is a targeted landing page which needs to be built right. Find out what are the key elements for building an optimal post-click experience that will boost your conversion rates and make your digital advertising more profitable.

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Once You Befriend This 100 Year Old Trend, All of Your Marketing Woes Will End

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

Wes Schaeffer

The Sales Whisperer®, entrepreneur, sales trainer, copywriter, speaker

The adage that "A fool can ask more questions in an hour than a wise man can answer in seven years" is seen daily across the interwebs with heated debates on such vital topics as Funnels or chats? Pop-ups or bots? Artificial Intelligence or face-to-face? Should I have a slider on my website? Are pop-ups out?

But for 2,500 years we've known that "Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat." Since the tactics will change before the end of the year, get clear on this marketing strategy that has been shaping how we vote, eat, dress, and think for the last century and will remain for at least another 100 years so you know which tactics are best for you to make every sale.

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Cocktail party

GH Bernardin Terrace

Free coctails and snacks. Networking with a view and good music.

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The Sempler Award Show

Europa Hall

Who will win the title for the best media strategy in 2018?

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POP till you drop party Ft. Kurzschluss

Tivoli Club

For all the media and marketing people, we are organising an unforgettable disco evening with Mr. Kenny Carpenter, the former resident DJ at the iconic Studio 54 in New York. A hedonistic evening inspired by this world renowned club and the late 70s when bell-bottoms and roller skates were a compulsory part of everyday life, will also be revived with disco rythms by DJ SYLVAIN and dRumelody. And on the second dance floor, you will be dancing with Marjan Novak, editor of Marketing Magazine, this time in the role of the DJ.

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