Sempl 2018

29 - 30 November 2018 @ Portorož, Slovenia


Save the date for SEMPL 2019: 28-29 November

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SEMPL is a must-attend conference for everyone who wants to stay in touch with the latest marketing, media and communication trends, find out about cutting edge industry innovation or look into the future of business.


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Shed Simove

Shed Simove

Motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur

"SEMPL was amazingly well organised... with a high attention to detail... The VIP attendees and Sempl Team were super bright and gorgeous... You had a food market!... You provided an amazing forum for people to network and gain insights and inspiration to make their lives and businesses better... Your after party rocked..."

Les Binet

Les Binet

Head of Effectiveness, adam & eve DDB

"SEMPL was a very enjoyable conference for me. An interesting mix of people that introduced to a region that I know relatively little about. Great venue and location too."

David Brier

David Brier

Brand expert, designer, bestselling author, USA

“The SEMPL Conference and the SEMPL team are world class. Professional, helpful, driven and tireless, they put on an event that was top shelf and very well received, empowering the professionals in their region that was an inspiration. The care given to each of us as speakers was attentive and of service. I put the SEMPL Conference at the head of the class for event organizers and coordinators."

Tine Lugarič

Tine Lugarič

Creative Director, Luna TBWA

"SEMPL is showing more and more muscles in recent years, especially in the fields of programme and competition. The vibe outside the conference halls also leaves a very good feeling."

Žarko Sakan

Žarko Sakan

Managing director, New Moment New Ideas Company

"SEMPL impressions are fantastic. Very well organized conference, many delegates, good energy, excellent programme and party. Good value for money."

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